"Send us your L/C with supporting documents 
We are going to process your 1st set of Sample Export documentation absolutely free..''

We are providing the following services to our valued customers
  • Review the L/C for terms and condition, advising if changes are necessary.
  • Prepare all required documents, as per Letter of Credit requirements. (Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Transport documents (AWB, B/L, FCR), Beneficiary's Cert's etc. 
  • Co-ordinates with your staff for the transport document. Make any necessary adjustments with proper authorization. If needed we will provide sample transport documents (AWB, B/L, FCR)
  • Proof read Transport Documents and advising if changes are necessary.
  • Providing help in preparing Insurance document.
  • Pricing for these items are available upon request. 
  • Standard turnaround is 2 days from the time that we have ALL of the information to complete the file i.e. all transport details. 
  • We also provide rush services (within 24 hours service).

We need the following to complete the Letter of Credit Documents
  • An original or clean copy of the L/C.  Try to get us the L/C as far ahead of shipment as possible because most of the documents we create take their data off the L/C.  Having the L/C ahead of shipment allows us to track critical expiry, shipment and presentation timeframes so you don’t loose your claim under the L/C.  In addition, we can review the L/C ahead of time and spot potential problems. 
  • Customer Invoice
  • Transport information-either original B/L (ocean) or flight information for an air shipment.  We will prepare either a house AWB or complete your own NVOCC B/L.  
  • Banking information for the beneficiary.  This is Very Important since many banks today refuse to issue checks to shippers.  Shipper would also prefer to be paid faster via wire transfer.

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